Lenovo launches the cheapest Chromebook in early 2015



The Chromebook devices which are usually very affordable when compared with Windows-based counterparts 8, with many hit the market for about $317.
According to a new report, one factory is looking to go even lower than during the launch of the Chromebook would cost less than $ 170.

This seller is Lenovo, according to sources in the supply chain side, who spoke to DigiTimes. They claim that the new Lenovo machine Chrome OS-powered system will be powered CPUs from ROCKCHIP Electronics in China and produced by design Bitland existing information technology in China.

windows8.1 laptops have been appearing with its price Chromebook device similar in recent months, with HP’s current 0.14-inch $ 300 notebook featuring 2GB 32GB SSD and memory, and is looking to enter into a new era of affordable computing.